Tasyourat THUNA | تسيورة ثُنى

10.000 KD

We bring you Tasyourat THUNA | تسيورة ثُنى right to your doorstep and at the comfort of your own home!

You can now book this exclusive service that includes our full Ramadan 2021 collection. You will receive samples with two different shoe sizes of your choice so you can try them on and see what fits best. 

The booking deposit of 10 KD will be discounted from your cart once you place an order of your favorite items by scanning the QR code inside the box.

You can enjoy this experience with your friends and family as you will have it for the entire day.

  • The drop off will be on the day of your booking in the afternoon
  • The pick up will be the next day in the morning 

[Please note that this service is only available in Kuwait]