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Our Story

THUNA is a local brand for universal women. Founded in Kuwait, we curate contemporary, handmade, and high-quality casual women footwear. We work with dynamic designers and skilled craftsmen around the world to bring you the perfect “THUNA”.

The Founders

The word THUNA is derived from the word “pair” in Arabic, which not only refers to a pair of shoes, but also represents the two women behind it all. With 10 years of friendship and thriving corporate careers, Altaf and Sharifa had been there for each other every step of the way. It was only natural for the duo to join forces when they found themselves ready to start something of their own.

Both felt inspired to challenge the status quo and venture into the footwear business, one typically dominated by men, and founded THUNA. Each piece of the brand harmoniously embodies both of their personal styles and is designed with comfort and practicality in mind.

The founders believe that every woman needs a good pair of shoes to get her through the day and remind her to celebrate every step of her journey, and although the journey for THUNA started with footwear, the duo sees it evolving as a lifestyle brand that brings together like-minded women.