About us

Every woman in Kuwait , Saudia Arabia or worldwide expresses herself through the things she wears. Her clothes, her accessories, her bag, and her shoes tell a story of who she is. While shoes may be the last thing she wears, they make the biggest impact. A woman knows that her shoes can make her stand out from the crowd when she walks into a room. A woman knows that her shoes can make or break her day. A woman knows that her shoes can take her to all the places her heart desires. We believe that nothing should stand in the way of how a woman tells her story and chooses to express herself. That’s why we are committed to making shoes that can keep up with daring woman, everywhere, and at all times. 

Our manifesto

1. To create comfortable shoes that every woman can express herself through, effortlessly.

2. To partner with designers and craftsmen who share the same values as we do to deliver quality leather shoes products, with no compromises

3. To empower women to stand out from the crowd and step forward in their life, unapologetically